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I’ve been developing new scents for beard oil, and reformulating scent combinations that are inspired by stuff I’ve read in other places or off labels of store brands. I’m sharing my beard oil recipe here, and a few of those essential oil combinations that you can mix up to make manly scented beard oil. 

Beard oil is unique. It consists of a light, “dry” oil that is fast absorbing, an oil like hemp or avocado (or you could use both!) that are packed with vutamins A, E, and awesome fatty acids, and I like to add broccoli seed oil-which is unique itself -because it contains natural silicone for extra shine and to keep beard hair healthy. In addition, I use castor oil, a thick, glossy oil that adds a lot of shine and richness to the beard and helps add a little “weight” to the oil to tame frizziness. The oil has no wax or other sticky product in it to otherwise tame fly away stray hairs, so the weight of the castor oil has to do all the heavy lifting as far as control. If you are looking for something to actually shape a beard,you might be better off with beard balm, which has wax in it and can help give form and texture to the hair. The oil is pretty much strictly for conditioning and moisturizing; there’s not really anything here that can offer any hold. I

You can use a premade men’s fragrance oil like Yacht Club, Made to Measure, or Fierce (all from Brambleberry and all just utterly awesome smelling-Brambleberry has a great selection of men’s fragrance oils but I can’t rave enough about these three, they are awesome and I strongly suggest you buy samples of them to try) or you can use an essential oil blend. One of my best sellers is a coffee blend. My other two popular ones are cedarwood and bergamot. I will list the directions below. 

Beard Oil Base (1 oz, double for 2 oz bottle)

5g fractionated coconut oil

6g hempseed oil or avocado oil (or 3g each) 

5g broccoli seed oil (you can substitute jojoba oil) 

6g castor oil

4 drops vitamin E oil or rosemary antioxidant
Coffee essential oil blend:

15 drops coffee essential oil or coffee fragrance oil. I like Brambleberry’s espresso fragrance oil for this recipe. 

7 drops balsalm fir essential oil

3 blobs benzoin, warm benzoin bottle in hot water bath before pouring 

7 drops palmarosa essential oil

3 drops vetiver essential oil
Bergamot essential oil blend:

5 drops lavender essential oil

5 drops rosemary essential oil

12 drops cedarwood essential oil

10 drops bergamot essential oil

4 drops clove essential oil

4 drops nutmeg or allspice essential oil
Cedarwood essential oil blend: 

9 drops tea tree essential oil

9 drops bergamot essential oil

3 drops vetiver essential oil

15 drops cedarwood essential oil


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