My skincare routine

I’ve been asked about my skin care routine, especially for my face. I have what advertisers would call “early middle age” skin, so my products differ slightly than most tutorials out there. I thought I’d write about what I do, and how I do it. 

I’m rockin’ a pixie cut these days instead of these pinned up half dreads, but my face hasn’t changed much in six months. This is my no make up, just woke up and haven’t had coffee yet, grumpy face.

I should discuss my environment. I live about 25 miles outside of Wichita, Kansas, USA, which has the double whammy of having less than ideal humidity for your skin most of the day (perfect in the early mornings, dry the rest of the day and night), and a non-stop wind that averages at least 10mph and buffets your skin, stripping away moisture even more. Dry, chapped lips are a constant here, and dry itchy skin a common complaint. 

The Keeper of the Plains, Wichita Kansas. 

As far as acne goes, my skin is blessedly calm these days. I fought cystic acne through my teens and twenties so it’s great to have those days behind me. I have one spot on my chin that gets the occasional pimple, from my hands laying on it while I’m sleeping. Other than that, I’m good. I also don’t have particularly sensitive skin. As a result, what works for me might not work for all of you. 

Chai Spice lip balm. One of my favorites. 

Red Velvet lip balm. It goes on sheer so you can build up the color to however dark you like.

Everyday, the one thing I grab all day long is lip balm. Even if I get lazy and skip moisturizer, I’m never going to skip lip balm. My favorite, hands down, is my shea butter lip balm but if I want something tinted, I reach for red velvet lip balm. Both are fantastic. I’m also working on some more, but they aren’t listed in the shop yet. 

My moisturizing cream experiment with helichrysum and carrot seed oils.

After lip balm, the next thing I use daily is a moisturizing cream I whipped up that features goodies like argan and rose hip oils, and mango butter. It’s not as oily as you’d think, being 2/3 water, and has silk and glycerin to help trap moisture near my skin all day long. I added lactic acid, caffeine, allantoin, niacinamide, and dl-panthenol. My skin has been great since I started using it regularly. 

Surfactant cleanser that’s gentle and packed with skin goodies and humectants. This bottle was only ever half full, and I’ve used it as bubble bath for the kids a few times because it only takes a few drops for my face. 

My rose clay bar. I’ve had it forever and am slowly whittling it down. It has coconut oil and aloe in it, but was dried hard before I used it. As long as I keep it dry between uses it stays mold and germ free. 

For my face, I tend to just use water unless it feels really oily, then I break out the surfactant based cleanser I made. Once a week or so, I wet down the rose clay bar and make a mask for my face and enjoy that. It’s handy to be able to just get it wet and rub it across my face. 

Summer shimmer lotion

Citrus Sugar Scrub: lately I’ve been making my sugar scrubs with cocoa butter and leaving them unscented. 

For daily dry skin, I like to use whatever lotion and sugar scrub I’ve concocted recently. You can get a good idea of what I might be using by reading what I’ve posted about in the past few months. I tend to stick to the same recipe or formula over and over once I have it down. I wash with whatever bar of soap/shampoo I’m using on my hair at the moment, or with whatever liquid shampoo I’ve created. Lately it’s been cinnamon patchouli bars I formulated especially for my hair type but it could be anything; rainbow swirl, ocean breeze, molasses, etc. 

Cinnamon Patchouli bars 

Rainbow Swirl bars

Green Smoothie Shampoo with Calendula And Bamboo

And that’s about it. I’m pretty low maintenance. Most of what I use is made by yours truly, and I’m pretty proud of that. It’s ever changing as I make new things and need to test them, with a few exceptions. I’m pretty devoted to that moisturizer. I always finish one shampoo bar before I start a new one, but since I use them on body and hair they go pretty fast. I make my lotions the same way pretty much every time, but I like to vary up the essential oils or fragrance oil so I don’t get bored. When all else fails I fall back on the trifecta of tea tree, lavender, and rosemary and can’t recommend them enough. 

What products do you rely on faithfully? 


Author: scseery

Soap, bath and beauty, jams and jellies, and unique upcycled gifts. That's what I make and talk about here. A lot.

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