Soap Challenge Club! 

I got ambitious, again, and signed up for the next THREE months of Soap Challenge Club. The prizes this month are awesome, with a cash prize and a bar mold from Brambleberry up for grabs. There’s only a slim chance of me winning as a beginner and against hundreds of more experienced and more talented people, but dang it, I’m going to certainly try my best! 

Here’s what the October Soap Challenge Soap looks like: 

I did not make this soap, it was made by Amy Warden of Great Cakes Soap Factory. But the challenge is to make a wood grain patterned soap, and there are many ways to achieve that look. I have an idea of how I plan to do mine, but you’ll have to wait for that blog post to find out how I did it. Don’t worry, it’s coming up soon as the deadline is in about two weeks. Not much time to research the techniques, develop a slow tracing soap (a problem I had in the last challenge), and get it done. 

This time, for the wood grain technique, you can make an entry for the all natural category (doesn’t use any synthetic ingredients) or the regular category (uses some synthetic ingredients, even just titanium dioxide), and if I’m understanding correctly, you can make an entry for each. Because I intend to use oxides as well as clay for my colorants, I’m fully in the synthetic category, but it would be nice to know if I could at least try an all natural bar if I wanted. I have black walnut extract, cocoa, cinnamon, rhassoul clay, and any pureed fruit or veggie will oxidize to brown during saponification so there’s that. I could make an all natural bar, I guess. I might just do that. First I have to find out if you really get both entries. 

The November soap challenge soap looks like this: 

And it’s called Cosmic Wave technique. My guess is it’s going to be crazy difficult, even though it looks deceptively easy. It’s being guest taught by Tatsiana Serko of Creative Soap and I think she’s a creative genius. She also makes really cool soap cutters. 

Finally, in December, we are doing something I’ve been wanting to try for awhile on my own and just haven’t done. Tiger stripes. 

Once again, none of these soaps were done by me, but all by the instructors who teach the tutorials for the soap challenge club and answer our questions. They are also part of the judges and they review every blog, FB page, or other way you post your entry. I think it’s a lot of dedication and I wouldn’t want that job, lol. 

I’m looking forward to making each soap and planning to place an order for some non-accelerating oils from Brambleberry so I can make them smell amazing for gifts (assuming they all turn out better than the last soap challenge). There are some great woodsy blends out there for the first soap, and I’m going to try to find a scent for November that works with sea green (maybe an ocean scent?), meanwhile for December, I need something very hippie and full of sunshine as I plan on using red and orange with brown for contrast. So a citrus blend! 

I’m off to the Brambleberry website to shop and price check some things. I’ll be making that wood grain soap very soon. You’ll get it all in pictures here! 


Author: scseery

Soap, bath and beauty, jams and jellies, and unique upcycled gifts. That's what I make and talk about here. A lot.

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