Levelling Up! 

A few of the things I believe firmly in are that you should try to keep an open mind about most everything, and that you should definitely never stop learning. As a result, when I saw that Susan Barclay-Nichols was offering a great new series on her “Newbie Tuesdays” part of her blog, I got excited. She’s not only giving recipes for things like surfactant based cleanser for all skin types, but also exfoliating cleanser, miceller water, and many other awesome things, but she’s also delving into the science behind how your skin works, how the ingredients work, and how it all works together. She’s amazing. And did I mention these classes are free? Her blog is called Swift Crafty Monkey and you can find this week’s Newbie Tuesday here!

Meanwhile, I went to my other favorite place for fabulous recipes and saw that Marie Rayma has been developing new formulas with surfactants as well. I’m eager to try out my own versions of Creamy Lavender Cardamon Cleansing Lotion and Meadowfoam Mango Creamy Facial Cleanser. The second one will take some definite modification as I don’t have meadowfoam oil or mango butter, but Marie suggests jojoba oil instead for the meadowfoam oil, and I have a large quantity of shea butter right now to utilize. For oily skin, using hazelnut oil might also be a great substitution, I think, and of course a simple oil like avocado or sunflower would be acceptable for someone with dry skin or you could use coconut oil. 

While this was a short, picture free, boring post, the next one should be an in depth review of the making of a new facial product, with pictures and a write up! Good times! 



Author: scseery

Soap, bath and beauty, jams and jellies, and unique upcycled gifts. That's what I make and talk about here. A lot.

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