Shaving Oil

J has decided to try shaving oil as an alternative to using shaving soap and a brush. This is partially out of curiosity, but mostly out of a need for a portable shaving system as he’s leaving for a month long work trip very soon and doesn’t want to pack his mug and brush. Much easier to pack a small bottle of oil. 

Naturally, he turned to me for a solution, and I came up with this recipe after researching fatty acid profiles of different oils and butters. 

Beard Shaving Oil

26g castor oil 

6g sunflower seed oil 

6g hemp oil

6g grapeseed oil

6 g melted tallow (you can use olive oil or jojoba oil if you’re morally opposed to tallow but tallow is really closer to natural human skin sebum). 

8 drops dark patchouli essential oil, 8 drops sandalwood essential oil, 3 drops geranium essential oil. 

Blend all ingredients together, pour into 2 ounce squeeze bottle or dropper bottle. To use, apply a very small amount to face, massaging into facial hair and skin. Allow to sit for several minutes before shaving with hot water and clean razor. Reapply as needed. Follow up after shave with more oil or a good toner or after shave. 

I also am making Bay Rum after shave, but I’m not going to post that recipe until J has used it a few times and I know exactly how much of each essential oil to put into it. For now, I have a good idea on paper but I haven’t had any victims give it a try yet. My recipe also differs from the one I found online in that I’m using both a solubilizer for the essential oils and a bit of preservative since it’s got a water component. Sometimes I think I’m being a bit of a kill joy with my rules about heating and holding water at a boil for 20 minutes and using preservative, but I haven’t had any more trouble with mold since I started using these protocols and that makes me happy.
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So far J is liking the shaving oil. We did decide the essential oil blend, while nice, is missing something. We would both prefer a more spicy, earthy, scent. I think I will try some cedar and maybe cassia and leave out the geranium and sandalwood in the next bottle. In addition, the tallow has appeared to have separated out of the rest of the oils somewhat and will only mix back in with vigorous shaking. He also complains the oil feels a little too “dry”. I think I will try jojoba or olive oil next time for both the tallow and the grapeseed oils and see if that is sufficient to make a rich oil and see how he does with that. 


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