Magnesium Anti Cramp Massage Roller

Using ideas and research into anti cramp essential oils, and the effects of topical magnesium on leg cramps, I worked up these anti cramp massage rollers.


They are in nice, palm sized, 30 ml roller ball containers instead of the more typical 10 ml pencil sized rollers typically used for essential oil aromatherapy. This makes them the right size for rubbing on a tricky Charlie horse or other hard to reach muscle spasm but not so large they can’t be tucked in purse or gym bag.

The roller ball containers came from Amazon, and the recipe looks like this if you want to make it yourself. It should be up in the Etsy shop before the end of the weekend.


10 drops clary sage essential oil(anti cramp properties)

10 drops  peppermint essential oil (pain relief)

5 drops clove essential oil (stimulates circulation)
5 drops cassia essential oil (stimulates circulation)
5  drops juniper essential oil- (stimulates circulation, anti cramp)
5  drops roman chamomile essential oil (calming, anti cramp)
5 drops lavender essential oil (calming)

10 drops black pepper essential oil (pain relief). You can also use red chili pepper oil, but I develop everything I make to avoid capsaicin as my husband is allergic. Black pepper oil brings some heat to the mix without the allergic reaction. The red pepper oil would be more effective. 

Emu oil: 15 g (pain relief, soothing to muscles)
Magnesium oil: 15g (helps with magnesium deficiency triggering cramping and spasms

Magnesium oil isn’t truly an oil, so you will have to shake this well before each use to mix the ingredients as they will separate between uses. It’s a good idea anyways.  
To make, simply add essential oils to bottle, then magnesium oil. Stir with bamboo skewer to mix. Add emu oil, assemble bottle, shake gently to mix the oils. Let sit a few days for everything to mix and mature before using if possible, but can use immediately if necessary. Shake well before each use. Roll o effected area and massage in well. Apply as needed to affected area. I personally have had some relief of muscle cramps in my bad leg with one of these, and also in my shoulders after slinging around 20 lbs of baby all day.


FYI: none of these statements have been researched by the FDA and I am NOT a healthcare professional, and you shouldn’t mistake my information here for medical advice. These are claims made by the people who make and sell the essential oils and other ingredients. Muscle cramps can be the sign of other health conditions. This blog isn’t designed to replace the advice of a health care professional, or to dispense treatment. I can’t emphasize that enough. Please see your health care professional if you have persistent symptoms about anything and don’t rely on website DIY remedies.



Author: scseery

Soap, bath and beauty, jams and jellies, and unique upcycled gifts. That's what I make and talk about here. A lot.

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