DIY Spray Dry Shampoo

As usual, Marie over at Humblebeeandme has the best ideas. She’s gone and made a DIY “dry” shampoo spray, and I modified it only slightly by adding essential oils and tripling the recipe. I enjoy making things in tiny batches to try, but I could tell this was going to be a keeper and making a 2 oz, single use bottle seemed ridiculous. Also I didn’t have a 2 oz bottle with the correct pump top, only larger pump bottles or smaller fine mist bottles, and I didn’t think a fine mister bottle would work because of particulate matter.

This recipe uses 120 proof vodka (60% alcohol), calcium carbonate powder, silk peptides, and bamboo extract. Marie used phytokeratin, but I am out right now so I decided to try using bamboo extract for its detangling and shine properties. Silk, of course, is a great moisture manager. Calcium carbonate powder is drying and oil absorbent, and has a very alkaline pH, which lifts the keratin scales on your hair and makes it seem cleaner and gives it volume. The whole mixture is suspended in the alcohol, which is also drying…the alcohol smell evaporates off rapidly, leaving behind the fresh essential blend I chose which is much better than sweaty dirty hair. I chose one part each tea tree, rosemary, and spear mint, and three parts lavender. It’s a “go to” blend I like to use for hair stuff that’s fresh and light.

Brief segue that needs to be a full post one day: as I work with essential oils more and more, and as I have started making lotions and perfumes and balms, I find I fall back on one of maybe a half dozen essential oil blends. I have a citrus one now, and a woodsy one, a “calming” one, this one, a ” manly” labdanum one, and a few florals. I can build from there, and I’ll go into that another day. But I’m proud I’ve gotten this far since when I started I had 12 tiny essential oil bottles, no previous experience with any of it, and no idea what a top note or base note was or how they worked together (hey, I’m still working on that!).

I was worried my hair world smell like I had just come off a three day bender but really, it did dry fast and it smelled a lot better than the canned dry shampoo and it’s propellants full of chemicals. If you’re very concerned, you can use half 91% rubbing alcohol and half distilled water, or 2/3 70% rubbing alcohol and 1/3 water and not smell like any “spirits” at all. I chose vodka because we had a handle of the cheap stuff around for this kind of thing…oh, ok, it was for punch and didn’t get used. I admit it. But nobody will ever drink it, so I need to figure out how to use it up. This seemed like a great way. And it works! I didn’t take pictures, but my hair went from being sweaty greasy and baby drooly gross to looking pretty good. And unlike dry shampoo that I massage in with my fingers, I was able to pin it up or brush it out and leave it down. It wasn’t forced into an messy bun.

Here’s my recipe:

2 tsp powdered calcium carbonate
1/2 tsp silk powder
1 tsp bamboo extract

240 ml high proof alcohol (approximately 40-60% or 80-120 proof; if using stronger, dilute with water)

Or rubbing alcohol as mentioned in description
You want it to be about 50/50 water/alcohol

40 drops essential oils of choice.
I used:
20 drops lavender, 5 drops spear mint, 8 drops each rosemary and tea tree

Using a funnel, measure the calcium carbonate, silk, and bamboo extract out into spray bottle with a trigger pump top. Add the alcohol (and water), and shake to combine.

To use, shake the bottle thoroughly (make sure there isn’t any powder resting at the bottom) and mist it over your hair, concentrating on the roots, tossing your hair around with your fingers like you might when blow drying to get the dry shampoo spread about evenly and encourage it to dry. I stuck with my temples and the crown of my head since that’s what’s notable the most. You’re done once your hair no longer looks dirty!

Because this spray is so high in alcohol it shouldn’t need a broad spectrum preservative.

I hear that both high proof alcohol and calcium or magnesium (separately, in anecdotal stories) might be good DIY deodorant. If I have trouble with mine causing a rash again, maybe I’ll try spraying this under my arms!

For the link to the original post where Marie put her recipe, look here at Humblebee & Me.

Addendum: I love this stuff. With a 7 month old baby, I don’t get a the chance to wash my hair-and I’m a no poo girl anyways-but I almost always have to go somewhere it seems, on days I look the worst. This stuff is the bomb. It beats any canned dry shampoo I’ve ever used. I had a crazy pump bottle and it clogged, so I poured a little in my hands and rubbed it though the roots of my hair around my face and along my part and crown. I let it dry completely, brushed it out, and my hair looked amazing. It even felt clean. It doesn’t work well two days in a row, but it totally bought me a day of “clean” hair three times now since I made it, and probably will again today. I’m a no poo girl, so I live for a good dry shampoo! I liked my powder dry shampoo and I’ll still use it because I’m nervous about dosing myself with this much alcohol often, but this is awesome.


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