Giveaway! Free stuff! What?!?


I’m a big fan of Orange Is The New Black, and to celebrate the third season coming out on Netflix here in a few weeks, I made up a batch of themed soap. And I’m giving it away. If you want a bar, I’ll put your name in a random generator and get you entered, and ship the bars in three weeks when they have cured. I am having to request that you cover the cost of shipping (about $5-6) but that’s it. If you’re local to me, I’ll deliver. If you’re placing an order, and you win, obviously I’ll pack it in for free.

I made the black bars first by making a batch of black soap:


And then cutting it into slices and letting those slices harden up for a few days.


Then it was time to select colors to make the perfect jumpsuit orange.



I had hoped to do a darker orange swirl on top but because I ended up kind of piling the soap up and not leaving it flat, it wasn’t possible to do a fancy design with swirls. Oh well.

It was harder than it looked, getting the black imbeds of soap into the orange. And messy. So I don’t have any photos of that process.


But I do have a pic of my constant companion:


My beloved coffee cup!

The soap turned out well. I went with orange and slightly brighter orange swirled in, and overall it just looks orange. The scent is mango peach lemon, which somehow ended up just peachy and citrussy and fresh, and I like it.



There are ten bars up for grabs! You have between now and June 19th to contact me using one of the methods available to you (my email is, many of you are my FB friends, etc), and get into the drawing. I’ll randomly draw ten names and announce winners here or if there aren’t ten entries, everyone gets soap! Caveat: if we don’t know each other in real life, you need to be comfortable with giving me your address. You’ll be able to do that privately via email. And reminder once again: I will need the winners to pay shipping. I apologize, but 10 bars times $5 shipping each stops being a fun give away for me and starts being painful.

I need to focus on some domestic tranquility over the next week, and filling some paid orders for jelly and a few things my mom wants. After that I hope to be able to make my new log mold and look into saving towards a bar mold. I found a bar mold with the good non stick inserts for $45 on EBay, and it would be ideal for the Purple Rain soap I want to make or any other bar swirl design in the future. It’s just not a priority, however. Still have it on my watch list! I’m also excited about trying out the coconut Tres Leches Soap, because I thought of it myself and have never heard or found any other soap maker doing it. However, since little bit is officially crawling, I’m doing a lot of chasing and baby proofing and not much else with my time.

Also in the future look for an anti acne roller ball treatment stick, my insect repellent recipe, and my review of Badger Balm’s kids sunblock. I may make a few lotions as for some friends and family with skin conditions, I’ll try to blog as I go!

Happy DIYing!


Author: scseery

Soap, bath and beauty, jams and jellies, and unique upcycled gifts. That's what I make and talk about here. A lot.

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