Tasty, tasty

Recently I broke down and purchased a tiny (and very inexpensive) kit of flavored oils for lip balm making. I really only wanted strawberry and cinnamon, but for the price of the two, I could get the kit with ten…so why not?

The other new lip ingredient I got in the mail that thrilled me were two tiny packets of carmine. Stop being grossed out! Yes, carmine is made from bugs. People all over the world eat bugs as a high protein and dense energy food, and the only reason we don’t here is because of societal taboos about insects. Regardless, carmine has been used for years in cosmetics and foods, and is not replaceable by any other natural colorant.

Armed with the pomegranate flavoring and the carmine, I mixed up some coconut oil and beeswax lip balms. Adding flavoring was pure guess work, though. After some research I decided on one gram per batch. I added carmine, a pinch at a time until I had a awesome cranberry color, and then a teensy bit of gold mica because I love the shimmer and it never shows at this concentration on the skin, just in the tube. Let cool, stirring constantly, until the consistency of runny honey, then pour into tubes quickly. Ta day!

I’m afraid I don’t have pics this time, because of the munchkin. I can apparently make lip balm with one hand (excerpt for pouring, she went into her walker for that part), but my camera on my phone is being wonky and using my 35mm Fuji is great except I need two hands AND I have to use my laptop to transfer photos. So no pics today of the pomegranate lip gloss. You can’t smell or taste it anyways, which is the whole point. The flavoring is definitely there, although I have to admit I don’t care for it. I think my favorite lip balms are flavored with a smidge of lavender and some cardamom, or just a touch of rose geranium and then spearmint. These fake fruit flavors and alcohol based sweeteners aren’t for me. However, I’ll keep them around in case anyone requests one. And I may still buy the cinnamon eventually so I can make a safer chai spice lip balm. So far it’s been difficult to find a lip safe cinnamon. 

Happy DIY! 


Author: scseery

Soap, bath and beauty, jams and jellies, and unique upcycled gifts. That's what I make and talk about here. A lot.

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