Odiferous Toesies

Sample size Calm Balm

Both my daughter and Poots have naturally stinky feet. They were the babies who would get out of a bathtub and make you question if you had remembered to wash their toes. But recently, my poor daughter has been fighting a foot problem that is causing her heels to crack, peel, and even bleed. Nothing she’s tried, ointment or remedy wise, has helped. I finally offered to make a balm and got shea butter and neem oil together with some bandits oil and extra tea tree for its healing and anti-fungal effects. I wonder if it’s a combination of her feet being very dry from going barefoot most of the time and a very persistent foot fungus. If so, this balm should help a lot.

I also whipped up some “calm balm”, a dupe of what Badger Balm and Burts Bees makes, with a long list of essential oils that range from woody and herbaceous (example: frankincense) to citrussy (example:litsea cubeba) and then to soothing, with Roman chamomile and lavender. In the end, no one scent stands out but the overall smell is amazing. I might wear it as a perfume, it smells so good. I made two samples and may try one out on myself and see how soothing it really is on stressful days. I’m also excited to see if the neem oil foot cream helps my daughter.

Foot balm on the left, still warm, calm balm on the right:



Author: scseery

Soap, bath and beauty, jams and jellies, and unique upcycled gifts. That's what I make and talk about here. A lot.

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