Liquid a little

I decided to give liquid soap another try.

My finished liquid soap

You have to understand that the first time I tried to make liquid soap, I tried the hot process method and had my oils too hot, and when I added the KOH solution it boiled over, spewing a caustic solution of lye and boiling oil on my stove, floor, and then counter and sink. Also, later, I thought I had it all cleaned up but some was in the catch tray under the burners, and it caught my stove on fire while I was cooking dinner. It was thoroughly traumatic.

This time, I hot processed in my crock pot. It uses a more controlled temperature and goes much slower. While the stove takes maybe an hour to do, it’s about four hours in the crock pot. The up side is that there was no boil over, and at the end I had two half pint jars full of soap concentrate and a bowl of soapy gel and water reconstituting into liquid soap. Today, I was able to add essential oils, keratin and silk, and mild oils to the soap to turn it into body wash and shampoo. I’ll be trying it out later tonight.


This picture is of the jars of soap concentrate and the soap and water last night as it sat in a bowl and mixed together. Today it was all smooth and ready to be whisked with the additional ingredients. I used helichysum and lavender essential oils for a light, fresh scent and a touch of broccoli seed oil to give it slip and shine from the vitamins and natural silica. The keratin and silk add protein and a humectant factor that’s always good for your hair without breaking the bank. I’m excited to give it a try even though I like the molasses bars I have.

In other news, a friend hooked us up with tickets to Willie Nelson last night, which was a great time. However, my make up bag has become completely MIA somehow. I was forced to rely completely on my DIY cosmetics for everything except eyeliner (I found a stub of a liner in an old purse that was serviceable), to the point of finally conquering DIY mascara. The mascara would probably work as “gel” style eyeliner if I had the right make up brush, so I’m picking up both an empty mascara tube and eyeliner tube as soon as possible. These tubes I’m looking at buying can be cleaned and reused, unlike store bought mascara. I did find a dried out tube of mascara and salvaged the brush, scrubbing it clean and gently “swiping” it across the surface of my DIY inky black goo before wiping the excess off on the edge of the container. It isn’t ideal if I’m honest, and I’ll be happy when I have actual proper packaging, but it worked last night. It’s a great formula that doesn’t flake off or melt off, but wiped off at the end of the night with my DIY eye make up remover easily. Also, I felt like I was made up enough, with my new mineral makeup and bronze shimmer/cocoa eye shadows. I used one of the peachy nude lip balms as a creme style blush and a darker tinted lip balm on my lips. I guess I should make a mineral bronzer/blush next, and maybe a cream concealer for spots and under eye dark areas. All that is personal use, though, and I’ll share my recipes! I’ll get the mascara recipe up tomorrow!

All the things to do!


Author: scseery

Soap, bath and beauty, jams and jellies, and unique upcycled gifts. That's what I make and talk about here. A lot.

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