Somewhere over the rainbow


This is what I discovered this morning when I cut into my soap! But let’s backtrack…

Yesterday I set off on a mission to make a vegan friendly and coconut free soap at the request of friends who are sensitive or allergic to coconut products and who don’t use animal products. While I have covered my stance on using tallow and lard in soap and cosmetics in a previous blog post (you can find it here), I’m willing to compromise and try to give the customer what they want.

Yesterday morning started out with gathering supplies:


From there, while oils were melting in the crock pot and my lye and water solution was cooling, I mixed each color with a small amount of oil to prep it for the soap mixture:


This soap contains a LOT OF CLAY!!! It should make a very creamy, silky bar of soap and I’m very excited about it. Here is the soap solution before any color is added, with just the clay:


The next steps go quickly and can’t be photographed. I pour soap in each cup, stir each one well, add titanium dioxide to the main bowl and pour it into a mixing bowl that has a handle for pouring, then carefully use the faux funnel technique to pour each color on top of each other into the bowl of white soap. Then without stirring, I poured it along the length of the mold slowly. I then used the remaining soap to make a pretty design on the top of the soap:


Today, it was great to cut the soap and see such awesome colors and designs:





They won’t be cured for 6-8 weeks because they are made with such soft oils, but after that they need loving homes with people who want a soap/shampoo bar in vibrant colors! I’ll make an Etsy listing soon!

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Author: scseery

Soap, bath and beauty, jams and jellies, and unique upcycled gifts. That's what I make and talk about here. A lot.

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