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DIY Mineral Make up…first of all, there are a lot of people out there touting ways to put cocoa and cinnamon on your face and call it make up, and maybe that works for them. Personally, I don’t wear make up daily, but when I do, I want it to look nice-professional, even- and not like I was playing in the spice cabinet.

A few more bloggers advocate getting pre-made make up mineral bases and adding color to that, which I suppose is perfectly reasonable if you don’t have ingredients or don’t want to blend ingredients. However, ingredients are inexpensive and versatile for other DIY beauty projects. I can use magnesium stearate for multiple things, from this make up to creamy eyeshadow to lipstick. Can’t say the same for a premade makeup base. Still, if you’re interested, the company is called Making Cosmetics. I’ve bought stuff from them (bamboo and keratin for hair products, allantoin and powdered B vitamins for beauty stuffs) and they are nice peeps.

After checking out multiple sites, and running a few experiments, I came up with this:

DIY Mineral Makeup
1 tbsp titanium dioxide
1 tbsp sericite mica
1 tbsp zinc oxide
1/2 tsp magnesium stearate
1/2 tsp kaolin clay
1 tsp coconut flour
1 tsp yellow oxide
¼ tsp brown oxide
Pinch of red oxide
15 drops jojoba oil
3 drops vitamin E oil

Place the first 6 ingredients in your trusted coffee bean grinder that you use for projects (make sure it’s very clean first*). Pulse until mixed. Remove about half the powder, reserve. Since it’s the first time, I suggest you work on half the powder and save half in case it’s a disaster, but it’s up to you. My first half went in the trash quickly, I’ll be honest.

Add about half the colorants, mix. The color darkens as the grinder processes, so please don’t rely on a Tupperware container and the shaking method; you aren’t getting things mixed well enough. (Ask me how I know, ok?) Adjust color as needed, testing on wrist and on face. It helps to have a kubuki brush and a hand mirror handy so you aren’t running to the vanity, and do this during the day so you have natural lighting for the best results.

Once you are happy with the color, add the oils, a few drops at a time (starting with vitamin E), and pulse them in. You will need between 10-20 drops total for your make up to look less like fine powder and more like manageable makeup that will stay on a kubuki brush. You can skip this step if you want. I used maybe 3 drops vitamin E and 5 drops jojoba (again, I have oily skin) because I didn’t want powder to go everywhere when I opened my container but I’m not aiming for anything heavy either. Personal preference!

If you mess up and blow it, do not panic. Just dump your powder, wipe out your coffee bean grinder, pour a glass or mug of _____, and grab the other half of the base powder. Start again, going slow, and stop before you went wrong. The trick here is to add colors very slowly. It doesn’t take much to go from “hey, almost got it” to “holy bleep, that’s Donald Trump!” Nobody wants that. And a half batch still makes a good amount of make up for a first try. Next time, you won’t have to divide them up!

Two notes:

This recipe has a touch more stericite mica than others out there. That’s because I’m a touch older than the average DIY blogger and stericite mica is very forgiving around fine lines and skin imperfections. If your skin is less troubling, take it down by half. Also, the coconut flour is there because my skin gets so very oily when I wear makeup for any length of time, and I’ve heard that alot. Coconut flour is super absorbent. When I was using Bare Minerals, I was stirring a pinch into my make up and it was working so I included it here. Judging by all the anti-oil absorbent stuff on the market, I’m not alone. I don’t like reapplying makeup all day; the coconut flour helps.

Finally: You’ll see your grinder is a gross mess. Toss in some rice and pulse it through. It will pick up all the make up and oils and be able to be tapped out, almost 100% clean inside. Helps a bunch.

Thanks to and for inspiration and tips, and the other two dozen DIY bloggers out there for what you do (even if it’s not what I wanted to do this time).

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