Rice is nice

Picture free post! Aren’t you shocked?

I know I blogged my recipe for my fantastic dry shampoo a few days ago, but today I was cleaning and I found a travel sized spray dry shampoo that I really liked from an old gym bag. After I deciphered the ingredients list-propellants, alcohols, fragrances, etc. for the bulk-I discover that the absorbent ingredient is rice flour. That’s all. $6 for a tiny spray can of rice flour. What was I thinking?

It didn’t take me long before I was running a few tablespoons of rice through my trusted coffee grinder to make some rice flour of my own. Of course, the grinder could only get it so fine, so I sifted it though a mesh strainer to sieve out the larger rice particles and then I had true rice flour. I dumped the mess into the batch of dry shampoo I had just made up and mixed it in.

Today is actually a slightly greasy day for me, so it was fortuitous that I could test this on myself right away. I can tell if the rice flour is helping with absorbent issues already, and it did make the powder lighter and more fluffy and easier to apply. I was able to just dip my fingers in and massage into my scalp, and the powder vanished instantly, taking a lot of the greasies with it.

If you’ve never used dry shampoo before, here’s a tip. Apply it to your trouble spots, then do something else for 2-3 minutes before you brush it out. Brush your teeth or whatever. It gives the powder time to actually absorb some of the oil on the hair and scalp before you start brushing and it lets you know then if you need a touch more. Too many people don’t wait, then just keep piling in the dry shampoo until they look worse then if they had gone without.

If you want my dry shampoo recipe, you can find it here. I think adding 1 tbsp rice flour or even maybe a few tsp coconut flour to make it more absorbent and fluffy is a good addition. Coconut flour is notoriously absorbent and will be my next experiment when this batch is gone.

Also this week, I made hair conditioner (paraben, phthalate, and free from all kind of silicone derivatives), a tiny batch of purple soap using the “Clyde slide” swirl method, a tinted lip gloss from alkanet root, a berry lipstick, and all the things I blogged about. Left to do is still get labels printed for all that stuff (almost done!) and Etsy up to date with all my products that are for sale. I also shipped product, and as soon as labels are printed will be shipping a few more care packages out.

For mothers day, I plan to make my mom a foot care set with foot bath soak salts and a foot massage balm, and pick up a DIY pedi kit. I hope to score a foot bath bin to wrap it all up in, but I’ll buy a dish pan if I have to! What are you doing for mother’s day? 

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Author: scseery

Soap, bath and beauty, jams and jellies, and unique upcycled gifts. That's what I make and talk about here. A lot.

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