Thief in the night


Once again, I’m sharing a recipe off Humblebee & Me. There are other DIY recipes out on the interwebs for “bandit’s oil” (you can’t use the actual name because the owners protect it from us thieving bastards), but they are all pretty much the same and I’ve been happy with Humblebee so I went with her recommendations. You can find the directions for her bandit’s salve and also oil here. I’m also happy to make it for you.

The legend behind thieve’s oil is that bandits and thieves would use it to protect themselves to keep from getting ill while robbing people during the Black Plague. All the ingredients are anti-microbial in some way, but I’m doubtful they were readily available back then. Still, it’s a fun story.

I added fifteen drops of tea tree oil to the recipe for it’s extra anti-fungal and anti-septic qualities and feel like it improves the quality of the oil and doesn’t adversely effect the odor. After some chat with J, we chose to call my version “marauder’s oil” and I made a salve with it using about 30 drops of oil instead of 20. I intend to give this first salve to my daughter, who needs an antiseptic hand creme as she’s always sick but her hands are a wreck from hand sanitizer. Also, her husband is military and she can’t keep getting him sick. We’ll see if this helps! I’ll make a second batch for home as soon as I can get more 2 oz tins in stock. Whip up a batch for yourself or contact me if you want to purchase either the oil or salve!


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Author: scseery

Soap, bath and beauty, jams and jellies, and unique upcycled gifts. That's what I make and talk about here. A lot.

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