A DIY Story in pictures.


Ingredients! Btw, I chose to use honey instead of glycerin and ditched the almond oil for 100% shea and avocado. Avocado is so so so rich in vitamins good for your skin that I couldn’t resist. Alone, it’s almost too heavy but as an emulsion it’s perfect. Teamed up with oat milk, which has polysaccharides to soothe itchy, dry skin, it’s a dream team.

Oils and emulsifier go in the double boiler

Oils, butters, and emulsifier. I tend to use ecomulse which has a great rating from Skin Deep. Better than borax, even (a 1-2 vs. a 5-6) so before you criticize my use of a chemical stabilizer, know I researched it out!

Making oat milk

Making oat milk. Ah, soothing oat milk. And so easy to make!

(I tried to get a picture of me pouring and mixing liquid ingredients but didn’t have an assistant since J is on third shift)

Adding water based ingredients to oil and praying it doesn't separate

Here’s where I add water based ingredients to oil based, and pray it all works while whisking madly. Btw, despite the curdling, it has always worked. I’ve made multiple emulsions and the curdling ALWAYS happens at first, but smoothes out as the emulsion cools and gets blended.

Whisking intermittently as it cools and thickens

Whisking it smooth as it cools and thickens.

Adding a touch of carmine mica for a rose color and essential oils now

Adding essential oils to smell amaze-balls and some carmine mica for a fabulous rosy color. I could have used something like beet root, but after the baby poo green shaving creme I wasn’t risking it.

Rose Cardamom lotion, bottled and ready for a label

The finished spicy rose lotion. Silky, moisturizing, smells fantastic without being old lady-ish and fussy and ready for an Incidentals label.

If you’d like your own 4 or 8 oz bottle of lotion. I can easily make several scents, including this one, forest pine, London fog, lavender and vanilla, citrus ginger, patchouli and cinnamon-trust me!- or a kind of bergamot and cedar for guys or gals…plus I can do lots of requests, so just contact me. These are not in my Etsy shop as they are made to order in small batches, based on your personal skin needs; not everyone needs such a heavy oil or wants oat milk. Maybe someone wants aloe…ya know? Prices vary (unless you do a variety box). My email is scseery@gmail.com.

Happy Easter!

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Author: scseery

Soap, bath and beauty, jams and jellies, and unique upcycled gifts. That's what I make and talk about here. A lot.

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