Calamine, calamine, calamine lotion

A few people said that for whatever reason my link to Humblebee’s calamine salve didn’t work. So, here are the directions, the way I made it.

Healing Herbal Calamine Salve
30g | 0.7oz avocado oil, plus more as needed
20g | 0.35oz shea butter
1 tsp dried calendula petals
1 tsp dried arnica flowers (I used ten drops of arnica essential oil instead)
1 tsp dried comfrey bark (or powdered allantoin)
10g | 0.35oz zinc oxide (approximately 2 tsp)
8g | 0.28oz beeswax
1g | 0.03oz vitamin E
1 nip | 1/64 tsp red iron oxide (I used 1 tsp rose clay)
Weigh the oil and shea butter out into a heat resistant glass measuring cup and add the herbs. Place the measuring cup in a small saucepan with about an inch (3cm) of barely simmering water and heat through to melt and infuse, leaving the mixture to infuse for at least twenty minutes (I watched an episode of Better Call Saul while I let my herbs infuse). You could pop the herbs in a disposable paper tea bag, but I elected not to (choosing to send it all through a sieve later) as there wasn’t much in the way of oils to submerge the bag into.
If you happen to have jars of pre-steeped liquid oils with these herbs, you can absolutely use a blend of those instead; you’ll just need 20g (0.7oz) total of those liquid oils rather than the 30g (1.06oz) as you won’t lose any of them to the steeping process. So, that’d be 20g (0.7oz) herb steeped oils + 20g (0.7oz) shea butter, skip the herbs, and proceed with adding the zinc/beeswax/vitamin E.
Once the herbs have infused into the oils for a while, strain out the herbs, by pouring the mixture through a sieve, pressing the herbs to squeeze out as much oil as possible before discarding the spent herbs. Weigh the remaining infused oil/shea butter mixture and add extra sunflower oil to reach a total of 40g (1.41oz). Add the zinc oxide, beeswax, and vitamin E, and then melt everything together.
When the beeswax has melted, stir everything to combine, taking care to break up any clumps of zinc oxide by smearing your spatula against the bottom and sides of your container. Now it’s time for the ferric/red oxide (or
the rose clay)—add it and stir it in.
Once everything is relatively well blended and the mixture has cooled enough that it’s thickened a bit so the powders won’t settle out, pour it into one or two 60mL (2oz) tin or jar and let it set up before using. Enjoy your Healing Herbal Calamine Salve!

I cut and pasted Marie’s directions and just added notes here. Just giving credit where it’s due!

Note: You could make this without the infused herbs, and any carrier oil would work for the avocado oil. I chose avocado because it’s naturally rich in vitamins E and A, which are good for the skin. Also, I happen to have quite a bit on hand for DIY skin projects. Use what you have! If you even have olive oil, you’re getting there! Good luck!


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