In the news…

I bet you thought this would be a political post, what with all the election stuff? Wrong! Just news of stuff happening around my little kitchen.

I’ve experimented with a few new things this week, but been pretty low key about them. I know I blogged about the lip balms, which were fun and were big hits when I gifted a few out yesterday. I made a mustache/beard balm, which seems to be the right consistency to be a good wax and conditioner but I don’t have a bearded man in my life right now so I don’t have a test subject. I’m going to gift this little tin away and wait for feedback. It smells divine, though. I also made diaper rash ointment…and of course, the baby in  my life has a lovely, diaper rash free bottom. I’m thrilled that she’s healthy and happy, but come on. Surely someone out there needs some diaper rash ointment? Today, I made a hair gel that I’m dying to try out but can’t until it finishes setting up which could take about 48 hours. Then I will see if it turned into a lotion or more of a cream consistency. Ah, these experiments! Either way, it will work fine to smooth back my flyaways when I put  my hair up, so I’ll be happy.

Speaking of creams, I’m mentally working out ideas for a shaving cream. At first, I found a DIY recipe online and whipped that up with a few simple modifications and called it good enough. But now, I’m rethinking the entire plan. I want a cream with a lot of caffeine and tingle, and there’s this tea called Yerba Mate that’s packed with caffeine I can use as a base. I had already planned to use some to make an under the eye balm (caffeine tightens your skin which reduces the appearance of bags under the eyes) and now I think I’m going to combine it with menthol crystals, a touch of clay, some liquid soap that I made, shea butter, and a few magical ingredients to whip up light and frothy shaving cream that’s all tingly and lets the razor just glide over your skin. I imagine it will make more than I can use, and certainly more than I had planned to send to my friend Britta (the instigator of the shaving cream project), so if you read this and you want shaving cream, there may be a chance to get in on the fun. I’ll try to photo document my way through that one.

My other news this week was insomnia. Lots and lots of insomnia, for the past few weeks actually. Insomnia is miserable because it means not getting a lot of anything done. I end up sleeping all morning, when is my most productive time in the kitchen, instead, and spending the afternoon having to do the mundane chores that keep the house going like cooking, cleaning, shopping, and driving kids around. Late night, with insomnia, I’m scared to bang around too much in the kitchen because I don’t want to wake anyone up, so I might only make something small that I can do quietly and wash a few dishes. I need to be making more small batches of soap, because I need to master new techniques, but there’s the problem of not having space and needing to store soap while it cures until it can be sold.


Author: scseery

Soap, bath and beauty, jams and jellies, and unique upcycled gifts. That's what I make and talk about here. A lot.

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