I made silvery mauve eyeshadow! This is the final product in tubs; I also put some in the tubes as usual. Creating this was on a whim and the color was totally by accident, but it happened. In stages.

First, I made a loose powder eyeshadow that looked like this:


And then, I decided to mix it with some jojoba oil and make a cream eyeshadow, and I ended up with this (the true color really shows here; all the other pics are too silver/gray): 


Which is when I decided I could probably do better by breaking out the recipe I used for the bronze shimmer and cocoa sticks and seeing what happened. Sure enough, I ended up with a sheer mauve silver shadow that’s silky and can be layered up or left sheer. I like it!


As mentioned above, it’s a little more purple than the pictures show, but that’s ok. I’m a horrible photographer. The fact that I get any pictures up here amazes me. I have several testers to hand out and we will see if eye shadow is something that’s marketable! It’s fun, regardless. I have one more I want to make, a high lighter in white/neutral for under the eyebrows and contouring. Fun!

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No pun, no fun

Today I don’t have a silly blog post title, but I do have a great recipe for dry shampoo to share! Now, there are a lot of fast and easy recipes on Pinterest that just use cornstarch or arrowroot, maybe cocoa, and a dash of soda or salt and I’m afraid my recipe is more involved. However, it uses some stuff I mentioned before that you possibly thought you’d never need again and you can dress it up with essential oils if you choose.

To me, even though the following recipe does contain cocoa…it really doesn’t smell like anything. And I like that, a lot, because I prefer my hair to smell clean or smell plain. However, the best way I know to easily add essential oil is going to require your coffee been grinder. Yup. Clean it out well, then add 1-2 tsp plain salt (depending on how much essential oils) and 10-15 drops of citrus or peppermint essential oil. I wouldn’t go with another scent in case there is a faint chocolate aroma later on. Pulse these through your grinder, smacking the side to keep stuff loose, until you have a powder, then incorporate that powder into the following recipe. Btw, if you make a lot of DIY stuff, having a separate grinder for spices and DIY and one for coffee is probably wise, because cleaning it gets old. Ask me how I know and who still hasn’t gone by Goodwill to grab a second hand one. Yup.


(Makes enough for 2 thrift store salt or pepper shakers; one for a friend or one for your gym bag, just put duct tape across the holes for traveling. Alternatively you can apply with a big fluffy brush).

1 tbsp cornstarch or arrowroot powder

1 tbsp baking soda

2 tsp zinc oxide (optional, helps with opacity)

2 tsp cocoa powder

2 Tbsp white or brown fine clay.

1-2 tsp salt (optional)

10-15 drops essential oil (optional)

Having very dark hair, I used rhassoul clay, it’s silky fine and what I have around. You could use kaolin if you’re blonde or French red…It’s a dark mahogany brown color. Stay away from Australian clays, unless your hair is truly pink or blood red.

Leave the cocoa powder out for light blondes!

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Never content


Because I can’t just let a good thing be, I got to thinking how nice it would be to have bandit’s/marauder’s oil in a lotion bar form. Then I remembered cocoa butter, and how just straight cocoa butter makes a pretty nice body Butter bar all by itself.

However, adding a healthy dose of essential oils would make it sticky, not solid, so it needed a little beeswax to help it regain what it lost. Because I wanted to store my bars in these little 2 oz containers I have, I chose to line them with a silicone cupcake liner first before pouring the melted concoction in and setting it in the fridge to set up.


After the cocoa butter, beeswax, and marauder’s oil had solidified again, I was left with two palm sized bars to soothe and disinfect my hands after I wash them. Fantastic! I may make some available in 2 oz tins if anybody ever wants one.


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A DIY Story in pictures.


Ingredients! Btw, I chose to use honey instead of glycerin and ditched the almond oil for 100% shea and avocado. Avocado is so so so rich in vitamins good for your skin that I couldn’t resist. Alone, it’s almost too heavy but as an emulsion it’s perfect. Teamed up with oat milk, which has polysaccharides to soothe itchy, dry skin, it’s a dream team.

Oils and emulsifier go in the double boiler

Oils, butters, and emulsifier. I tend to use ecomulse which has a great rating from Skin Deep. Better than borax, even (a 1-2 vs. a 5-6) so before you criticize my use of a chemical stabilizer, know I researched it out!

Making oat milk

Making oat milk. Ah, soothing oat milk. And so easy to make!

(I tried to get a picture of me pouring and mixing liquid ingredients but didn’t have an assistant since J is on third shift)

Adding water based ingredients to oil and praying it doesn't separate

Here’s where I add water based ingredients to oil based, and pray it all works while whisking madly. Btw, despite the curdling, it has always worked. I’ve made multiple emulsions and the curdling ALWAYS happens at first, but smoothes out as the emulsion cools and gets blended.

Whisking intermittently as it cools and thickens

Whisking it smooth as it cools and thickens.

Adding a touch of carmine mica for a rose color and essential oils now

Adding essential oils to smell amaze-balls and some carmine mica for a fabulous rosy color. I could have used something like beet root, but after the baby poo green shaving creme I wasn’t risking it.

Rose Cardamom lotion, bottled and ready for a label

The finished spicy rose lotion. Silky, moisturizing, smells fantastic without being old lady-ish and fussy and ready for an Incidentals label.

If you’d like your own 4 or 8 oz bottle of lotion. I can easily make several scents, including this one, forest pine, London fog, lavender and vanilla, citrus ginger, patchouli and cinnamon-trust me!- or a kind of bergamot and cedar for guys or gals…plus I can do lots of requests, so just contact me. These are not in my Etsy shop as they are made to order in small batches, based on your personal skin needs; not everyone needs such a heavy oil or wants oat milk. Maybe someone wants aloe…ya know? Prices vary (unless you do a variety box). My email is

Happy Easter!

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Thief in the night


Once again, I’m sharing a recipe off Humblebee & Me. There are other DIY recipes out on the interwebs for “bandit’s oil” (you can’t use the actual name because the owners protect it from us thieving bastards), but they are all pretty much the same and I’ve been happy with Humblebee so I went with her recommendations. You can find the directions for her bandit’s salve and also oil here. I’m also happy to make it for you.

The legend behind thieve’s oil is that bandits and thieves would use it to protect themselves to keep from getting ill while robbing people during the Black Plague. All the ingredients are anti-microbial in some way, but I’m doubtful they were readily available back then. Still, it’s a fun story.

I added fifteen drops of tea tree oil to the recipe for it’s extra anti-fungal and anti-septic qualities and feel like it improves the quality of the oil and doesn’t adversely effect the odor. After some chat with J, we chose to call my version “marauder’s oil” and I made a salve with it using about 30 drops of oil instead of 20. I intend to give this first salve to my daughter, who needs an antiseptic hand creme as she’s always sick but her hands are a wreck from hand sanitizer. Also, her husband is military and she can’t keep getting him sick. We’ll see if this helps! I’ll make a second batch for home as soon as I can get more 2 oz tins in stock. Whip up a batch for yourself or contact me if you want to purchase either the oil or salve!


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Cup of cocoa, anyone?

Cocoa eyeshadow that is.


One day last week, I made up some bronze shimmer eye shadow sticks. They are so pretty! And, they have staying power, and you can layer the color for more or less oomph as you like. Everyone who has tried them has liked them.


This time, at the request of one of my daughters, I went after a cocoa colored shadow. Something that could be worn alone, sheer as a shadow, or applied with a brush as an eyeliner. I subbed in some dark cocoa butter and added brown oxide for a deep, rich, brown color and I think I nailed it:


My other big accomplishment today was making a detangling spray aka hair milk (if it works, I will share the recipe!) that I hope will tame static and help frizzies, too. Now, I’m impatiently waiting for my fragrance oil to arrive so I can make my rainbow soap this weekend and get it curing, and I’m hoping the weather warms up for Easter. It’s not traditional, but we may roast an apple cider brined turkey (I can share that recipe, too, if anyone is interested).

Hope your weekend is fantastic!

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Chai me up, chai me down

A sudden epiphany while I was driving had me making these little gems today:


It’s a small batch, but they are chai latte lip balms, and they use the extra moisturizing shea butter base so they should be all smooth and creamy going on. For now, there are only five testers for me to have friends and family try out but if they are a hit, I may make a bulk batch and make a listing for them. I’m always nervous about trying to sell lip balm, as it’s an inexpensive item (relatively) but shipping is still a minimum of $6 due to packaging and just general shipping costs. However, I can ship several lip balms for that price…so…yeah. There’s that.

Other than that, my day was essentially a total bust, with back pain and bad news. Hope everyone else is doing much better in the world.

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