The grunt work

There is this image that people have when you say “I make soap and sell it on Etsy”. They think that you tinker around, and that you really don’t work very hard, and that from time to time you whip up a batch of soap like making a boxed cake mix. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Right? Am I right?


There is SO MUCH WORK. I’m not complaining. Please don’t think I’m complaining. I don’t mind the work, because I really am enjoying this new enterprise. However, learning about everything from how to actually make the soap and beauty products to the laws about how to label them and then there’s marketing to learn about and then there’s actually doing the marketing…it’s a lot. Oh, and record keeping. And eventually, bookkeeping. So much. Plus clean up time, because crafting anything is messy. I’m logging the hours lately, compared to what I usually do in the winter (read, sleep, read, watch TV, wish it was summer, dream about summer, sleep; in other words, turn into a bear). But there are no cake mixes involved and my Etsy shop won’t run itself.

I realized today that I need to be taking photos of all my products, all pretty and ready to sell on Instagram and linking them back to the Etsy shop. Apparently that’s a thing now. So I’m trying to get my Instagram account to let me back in since I lost the password and it refuses to believe I’m me. I may be creating a new account, which is fine, since it will be strictly for soap and not for personal stuff. Also spent some time with a good friend yesterday who wants to go in as partners on this. She’s a natural at marketing and has some great ideas. We had a good talk and I’m considering taking her up on it. I need to think about it, though. I’ve poured a significant amount of money, sweat equity, and mental energy into this already. I have a vision and I know where I’d like to see it go, which isn’t exactly the direction she has in mind but could be “in sync” with hers if we both compromised a  little. However, this is my baby and I’m not sure I want a partner. I’m certain I don’t want to risk losing a great friend over a business venture.

So many things. As usual, I need more coffee right now. This weekend I hope to make a sea salt spa soap, and two facial soaps; french green clay for acne prone skin, and one with kaolin and rose clay for sensitive and/or mature skin. I’ll share my toner recipes, and start developing both a moisturizer for acne prone skin and a serum and balm for mature skin. I like the balm I have now, but I think I could add a little something to it that would make it really fabulous, and I think I could make a vegan friendly serum. Eye cream is down the road.



Author: scseery

Soap, bath and beauty, jams and jellies, and unique upcycled gifts. That's what I make and talk about here. A lot.

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