Greetings! My name is Perstephanie and this blog is where I ramble a bit about my fledgling little soap and cosmetics business or share DIY tips for other people to try. I started out because I have a large family that keeps on growing-we just added a new granddaughter this year-and I keep learning tips and tricks to save money. Last year I learned to make soap and launched into making make up, balms, and other skin care treats.
If you’re interested in purchasing anything I mention on my blog, contact me directly via my email or check my Etsy shop; many things will be listed there as they are available and I find time to keep the shop updated. You’ll need to contact me directly for lip balm, I don’t list it on Etsy. If you want something made custom like a lotion or you have an idea you’d like to see me create-I especially love to make healthy versions of products that already exist-feel free to leave a comment or email me. Email is good! I check it often.

My Etsy Shop: StephhoneyKS

My email for questions:


Blogs that give me inspiration can be found here.

If you want to know where I buy supplies, try looking here.

All about Shampoo Bars!

A little more talk, this time about shelf life and using preservatives.

Can I make soap without lye?

Why I use lard and tallow in my soap!

This is the Soap/Lye Calculator I use called Soap Calc.

Medical Disclaimer

1 thought on “About”

  1. Because in some international locations the producers of lemons lengthen their preserving properties and enhance look by coating them
    with the chemical diphenyl and waxing the fruits,
    it is a smart precaution to wash the lemon with somewhat unscented soap and then rinse completely before converting the whole fruit
    to juice.

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