Here-ci! (That’s Muscogee Creek for “greetings”! I don’t talk much in my language here but occasionally Creek has just the right word). My name is Stephanie and this blog is where I come to discuss old fashioned soap and other, newer, cosmetic items like mineral makeup, tinted lip stick, things like shimmery highlighter stick or powder, or maybe long lasting creme eyeshadow. Some of these I have created and may be for sale or I may be sharing the recipes if they are DIY’s that are easy to do. I started out because I have a large family with lots of cousins and four daughters that keeps on growing-we just welcomed our latest grandchild in August-and I keep learning tips and tricks to save money. Last year I learned to make shampoo and conditioning bars, expanded my cold process soap skills, learned how to use a “cold method” to make lotion, and got even more knowledgeable about other skin care additives.

If you’re interested in purchasing anything I mention on my blog, contact me by leaving a message on the website, usually there’s options near where the info about cutting off the info directly via my email. I have dropped Etsy so I can’t be reached that way.

My email for questions:


Find me on Facebook: sscloud@rocketmail.com (shoot me a message telling me why you’re sending me a friend request)

I no longer have an Etsy shop, their fees were killing me. I hope to have a website built this year.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by! Check out my other pages and blog posts if there’s anything of interest to you. I don’t post often right now, but I’m trying to get in once a month at least.


(Means both “thank you” and “see you soon”)

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Because in some international locations the producers of lemons lengthen their preserving properties and enhance look by coating them
    with the chemical diphenyl and waxing the fruits,
    it is a smart precaution to wash the lemon with somewhat unscented soap and then rinse completely before converting the whole fruit
    to juice.

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    1. You would just have to read the blog posts and see for yourself. Without knowing what you’re looking for it’s hard to recommend anything.


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